July 14th, 2008


Fiction Clemens Issue TWO - Now in Stores!!!

Heya folks!

Fiction Clemens issue 2 has arrived from space, and can be found in comic shops all across the land.

This book's cover was illustrated by Freedom Drudge, and colored by Veronica Gandini and Alek Marmontel. The insides are as beautiful as issue 1, and the bizarre adventures of Fiction Clemens and Dune Trixie continue, as they try to figure out just what the heck their writer was thinking!

You should be able to find the issue in your local comic shop, but if they are out of stock, or (heaven forbid) didn't get any, click HERE to order the book on-line.

The terrific reviews keep trickling in for Fic:

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Ain't it Cool News (scroll down to the "Indie Jones" section)

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That's that, fellers and females. Thanks as always for your tremendous support. I hope you're digging the story so far. I'm on my way to the San Diego Comic Convention, and will let you know how that all goes down.

Here's to y'all--Keep grasping at straws and spinning them into gold!