March 10th, 2008


Fiction Clemens Issue 1 is now in Previews...

...And what this means, my fantabulous friends, is that NOW is the time to go to your local comic shops and DEMAND that they order in copies of "Fiction Clemens issue 1".

If you do ONLY ONE thing to help the cause, this is it.

Just head down to (or call) your local comic shop(s) and say you know of this book "Fiction Clemens" that is coming out in May and you really want them to order some copies.

You can even give them the following information to make their decision easier:

Fic Issue 1 is on page 211 of this month's "Diamond Previews Catalog"
Fiction Clemens is a 3-issue mini series of 52-page, all-ages, full-color books.
Fiction Clemens is published by "Ape Entertainment", publishers of "Teddy Scares" and "White Picket Fences"
All of the interior art for Fic is by the cover artist for Fic #1
The ORDER CODE for issue 1 is "Mar083428"

So that's it. You have no idea how much it would help if everyone simply picked one comic store and requested the book. Huge! HUGE mind-bending, earth-shattering help!!!

And that friends, is my supplication of the month. More news should be coming your way in the next couple weeks. This long road has nearly reached show time.

Thanks y'all,
Fic and Lucy
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