January 22nd, 2008

doctor lucyfurr science vla

ok, seriously

New Litmus test for what really matters:

Suppose there is a super-advanced Alien civilization out there, and they have developed a means of traveling hundreds of thousands of light years to reach us.

They arrive and contact all mankind. What do you think is the most likely piece of socio-political advice they will give us to help save society?

a) Keep the gays from marrying each other.
b) For the love of God and all the little creatures, do NOT use dead fetuses to research medical breakthroughs. Bury them so they can go to heaven.
c) Allow kids to pray in school. That's where God keeps his microphones.
d) NEVER EVER burn your flapping symbol of national egoism that continues to keep you securely convinced that you're better than everyone else.
e) Find out exactly what God's REAL name is so that letters to him do not get lost in the Galactic Postal System
f) Try to overcome your differences and work together to fight the problems that threaten your natural resources, ecosystem, and survival

Sorry I don't have polls anymore. This will have to do.