January 7th, 2008


Publication Announcement (for really reals!)

Apologies to those of you who've already seen this 900 times. Them's the perils of having accounts all over the Internets...

It's been a wild two years for Fiction Clemens. As if it weren't enough of a hassle just trying to stay alive, he's floated from convention to convention, in and out of the hands of publishers, and endured dreaded schedule problems. But this is the real deal.

Fiction Clemens Issue 1 will be released in May, 2008 through the combined efforts of SpaceDog and Ape Entertainment, a stellar Independent Comic Book publisher, whose titles sometimes involve cowboys and other times involve aliens and conspiracies (and are soon to involve all three). It feels like Fic has found his perfect home.

The first issue will be showing up in Diamond Previews this March, so be sure to demand your local comic shop puts in their order. The second issue will come out in June, and the third in July. All three books will be on shelves in time for this year's San Diego Comic Convention.

I want to thank everyone who has stuck with me through this bumpy ride, especially those of you who bought characters and have had to endure setbacks waiting for Fic's release. A special thanks to Lauren Perry, Christian Beranek, and various members of the Silent Devil crew who opened the doors of Comicdom, and helped me learn the ropes.

More info will be forthcoming over the next few months as Fic moves forward (and a few other irons in the fire are coming to fruition as well).

So long fer now. Yup.