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Prop 8 is Gay

But I'm not. Let's get one thing straight: me. Straight as an arrow. So straight it's probably un-cool. I'm not even a twinge bi. There are some pretty men out there, but I won't be sleeping with any of them. So believe me when I say that I have no personal stake in this battle…other than a love for freedom, reason, justice, and maturity.

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Fiction Clemens Issue TWO - Now in Stores!!!

Heya folks!

Fiction Clemens issue 2 has arrived from space, and can be found in comic shops all across the land.

This book's cover was illustrated by Freedom Drudge, and colored by Veronica Gandini and Alek Marmontel. The insides are as beautiful as issue 1, and the bizarre adventures of Fiction Clemens and Dune Trixie continue, as they try to figure out just what the heck their writer was thinking!

You should be able to find the issue in your local comic shop, but if they are out of stock, or (heaven forbid) didn't get any, click HERE to order the book on-line.

The terrific reviews keep trickling in for Fic:

Voyages Extraordinaires

Ain't it Cool News (scroll down to the "Indie Jones" section)

Comic Village

That's that, fellers and females. Thanks as always for your tremendous support. I hope you're digging the story so far. I'm on my way to the San Diego Comic Convention, and will let you know how that all goes down.

Here's to y'all--Keep grasping at straws and spinning them into gold!

Fiction Clemens NOW Available in Stores

This post is a week late, and I blame Seattle/Portland.

Last Wednesday, Fic issue 1 hit the shelves. I got to see it there, sneaking into comic stores, sometimes anonymously, sometimes with my giddy shy pride, and wow... yeah. It feels great!

Anyway, the point is, if you want it, you can now get it. And you should want it... oh yes, yes you should.

Apparently some stores have sold out already (Gah!), and Diamond has already done a re-order from the publisher. Any comic store should be able to get a copy, but if you have problems, it's also available on-line.

You can order directly from the publisher HERE

Meanwhile, you can get a taste of the mighty flavor by checking out the on-line reader. I think you get to see the first 12 pages or so.

And that's that! Issue 3 is still available for pre-order, so be sure to demand that your local comic shop stock up and stock well.

Order Code: MAY083593

G'night everbuddy!

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Six Arms Takover in Seattle - May 9th

To all Seattle-ites in earshot:

There will be a gathering most valiant at the Six Arms on Pike

When, you ask? Friday, May 9th, from 9pm to whenever.

Where, you ask? Six Arms, where six-fisted drinkers dwell. 300 E. Pike, Seattle

Why, you ask? pre-Emerald City Comic Con mayhem. One must get properly tanked to prepare for an event of such magnitude. Also, I haven't been to Seattle since October, and I MISSSSSSSS you all !!!

Please, if you can make it, getcherselves out there. My cohort in webcomics, Steve Saunders will also be dragging along his crew, and I must prove to him that my crew can trounce his crew in a pitched battle of wits and revelry.

For more details on the Six Arms, click here:


See you there, schwooglers!

-Josh and Lucy

Update Conglomoration, inc.

Here's a smattering of What'sGoingOn(tm) for all you out on LJ land.

Fiction Clemens continues to gain momentum with the press. Here are some of the latest features:

CBR Feature article with preview art

NEWSARAMA's headlining review in "Best Shots" -- "A futuristic western meets Alice in Wonderland or perhaps OZ, and that really doesn't do the overall insanity of the book justice...There's nothing quite like Fiction Clemens on the market."

BROKEN FRONTIER (feature Review) --"The comedy is laugh out loud and the characters fascinating. The story itself kicks off with a bang and hardly ever relents."

FOOL BRITANNIA --"There is so much joy, such love of life and energy in this book it positively made my heart dance."

GEEKSPEAK RADIO Podcast Interview

It's April, so Fiction Clemens Issue 2 is now available for pre-order. As with issue 1, all your calls to encourage local comic shops to carry the book will make a huge difference to the cause.

Here's the info:

Fic Issue 2 is on page 212 of this month's (April) "Diamond Previews Catalog" and will hit the shelves in June.
The ORDER CODE for issue 2 is "Apr083546"
Fiction Clemens is a 3-issue mini series of 52-page, all-ages, full-color books (all books are complete and will be released monthly).
Each book retails for $5.95
Fiction Clemens is published by "Ape Entertainment"
All of the interior art for Fic is by the cover artist for Fic #1

Other than the grueling job of promoting Fiction, I'm working on about a half-dozen other projects, co-conspiracies with other writers/artists, and attempting to spend as much time as possible laying in the grass by the sweet rivers of Missoula.

One such project is already churning about on the Internets. Orcusville, a daily web-comic of chaos, recycled art, and ridiculocity. The orcusville_feed beckons you and you cannot resist:

For those of you on the West Coast, I'm going to be putting together a signing tour from Vancouver to San Diego late-June through mid-July. It'll be a good time to catch up with everyone I haven't seen since sticking my head in the desert sands of Arizona.
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Orcusville: The reminder!!!

For those of you who don't know, my good friend Steve and I have been working on a webcomic for the last month or so. We've even managed to swing it so that there's a new strip EVERY DAY! Imagine that!

Lord Orcus is on MySpace and for LJ lovers, grab the orcusville_feed (just add it to your freindslist and presto! Free spiritual bacon!!).

Fiction Clemens Issue 1 is now in Previews...

...And what this means, my fantabulous friends, is that NOW is the time to go to your local comic shops and DEMAND that they order in copies of "Fiction Clemens issue 1".

If you do ONLY ONE thing to help the cause, this is it.

Just head down to (or call) your local comic shop(s) and say you know of this book "Fiction Clemens" that is coming out in May and you really want them to order some copies.

You can even give them the following information to make their decision easier:

Fic Issue 1 is on page 211 of this month's "Diamond Previews Catalog"
Fiction Clemens is a 3-issue mini series of 52-page, all-ages, full-color books.
Fiction Clemens is published by "Ape Entertainment", publishers of "Teddy Scares" and "White Picket Fences"
All of the interior art for Fic is by the cover artist for Fic #1
The ORDER CODE for issue 1 is "Mar083428"

So that's it. You have no idea how much it would help if everyone simply picked one comic store and requested the book. Huge! HUGE mind-bending, earth-shattering help!!!

And that friends, is my supplication of the month. More news should be coming your way in the next couple weeks. This long road has nearly reached show time.

Thanks y'all,
Fic and Lucy

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