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Six Arms Takover in Seattle - May 9th - thelucyfurr

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May 7th, 2008

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12:10 am - Six Arms Takover in Seattle - May 9th
To all Seattle-ites in earshot:

There will be a gathering most valiant at the Six Arms on Pike

When, you ask? Friday, May 9th, from 9pm to whenever.

Where, you ask? Six Arms, where six-fisted drinkers dwell. 300 E. Pike, Seattle

Why, you ask? pre-Emerald City Comic Con mayhem. One must get properly tanked to prepare for an event of such magnitude. Also, I haven't been to Seattle since October, and I MISSSSSSSS you all !!!

Please, if you can make it, getcherselves out there. My cohort in webcomics, Steve Saunders will also be dragging along his crew, and I must prove to him that my crew can trounce his crew in a pitched battle of wits and revelry.

For more details on the Six Arms, click here:


See you there, schwooglers!

-Josh and Lucy

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Date:May 7th, 2008 05:34 pm (UTC)
Hmmm... I'll have to think about it.

That Steve guy is going?

Well, it's a pretty big place. I'm pretty sure I can just ignore him.

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